Archive and Recovery Journey Stories

Archive of previous editions of Recovery Rises and its predecessors "Recovery Rising" and "The Word" and inspiring recovery journey stories (scroll down to see them).

Recovery Rises 2

Featuring: Methadone life long chemical handcuffs, Emma Murray LJMU graduate speaks about drugs, drink and the armed forces plus much more....

Recovery Rises 1

Featuring: Award winning playwright Esther Wilson Benefits changes, Methamphetamine in the UK and much more.....

Recovery Rising 4

Featuring: Heroin Clinic Trials - Kathy Gyngell, Mark Gilman - 4th and final ROIS interview, Black Music - Then and Now, Recovering Communities - Coming out the other side, Icons and Dreams - Service user's multimedia event, Alcoholics Anonymous: 4th and final instalment, Rowdy Yates - Creating recovering communities, John Bucknall - Recovery a workshop, Journeys, Addiction, Spirituality and Recovery, part 2, Reviews, Your Voice, Your Say, Drugs and Booze in the News and A Word on...Transplants

Recovery Rising 3

Interview with Mike Stubbs, CEO of FACT on New Media Art, Interview with Mark Gilman from NTA North West about ROIS, Slaying The Dragon - Interview with William White, Safer Communities in Liverpool, The Jacob Cup 2009, Park Life: A Wirral Spider Project Photographic Exhibition, Alcoholics Anonymous Instalment 3, Journeys, Book Reviews, Addiction, Spirituality, and Recovery, Drugs and Booze in the News, Your Voice, Your Say, The WORD on…Health Scares

The Word2

Service user interviews Judge David Fletcher, The Spider Project's Gerry Linford talks about addiction and recovery, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, British screenwriter and novelist, speaks to The Word, 'Working Towards Recovery' - No-one written off?, NTA's regional Manager Mark Gilman speaks out, Clients perform on set of King Lear, Soul recovery - a workshop at Sharp, Alcoholics Anonymous Instalment 2, Reviews, Spirituality, Your Voice Your Say, The WORD on…The Client

The Word1

Interview with DIP Manager Richie Humphries, Joan Brown - the changing culture of addiction, Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse, The Maybes?, A Journey to Afghanistan, Putting The Word Out, Alcoholics Anonymous: Instalment 1, Reading Revolution, Narcotics Anonymous, Reviews, The Professor Speaks Out, Spirituality, Your Voice Your Say, The WORD on...Prozac

This section in our magazine called "Journeys" consists of the stories of people in recovery.

Lee's Journey (from Recovery Rising 3)
George's Journey (from Recovery Rising 3)
Charlie's Journey (from Recovery Rising 4)
John's Journey (from Recovery Rising 4)
Ellen's Journey (from Recovery Rising 4)

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